Caribbean semiSUBMARINE

Watching Sea Turtles in Caribbean Blue Waters

Bonair is a less populated island in the Caribbean Sea with an extraordinary Marine Park, protected by Unesco. Numbers say it best: 2,700 hectares of coral reef, seagrass beds and mangroves, over 50 varieties of stony coral, and more then 350 species of reef fish! No wonder this place is known among the top 5 snorkeling destinations in the world.

However, for tourists that are not up for snorkeling and scuba-diving adventures, there were not many activities left on the island, except sunbathing. They were missing out on the spectacular underwater scenes that were reserved for divers only.

Thanks to Dutch company Bon Sea, that experience is now available to all visitors to Bonair Island, who can join a 45-minute boat tour in the glass-bottomed semiSUBMARINE.

Scuba divers also love the semiSUBMARINE

“I saw the boat for the first time while staying in Dubrovnik, Croatia for a family vacation. It was my daughter’s birthday and I wanted to grant her wish, as she was the first one to spot the boat on the horizon. I knew instantly that this vessel would be a fantastic addition to Caribbean water activities, so very soon after that, I connected with Mladen from Agena Marin to make our first order,” said Joel Baijens-Florijn, Founder of Bon Sea.

Joel was right – the boat was a hit on Bonair island from the moment it appeared as a new tourist offering, and its popularity is especially great with guests from large cruise ships that visit the area. Visitors can book their semiSUBMARINE prepaid tickets online and add the experience to their list of cruise activities. SemiSUBMARINE passengers are thrilled with the experience, even the experienced scuba divers:

“It was better than we expected! We are all divers and snorkelers, so we get to see a lot of ocean life on a regular basis, in various tropical locations. However, this experience allows you to see a lot of sea life all at once without getting wet and offers a 360-degree view.” – Reviewer on Tripadvisor.

The business is very affordable to maintain with low fuel costs in the Caribbean and only two crew members per boat. Bon Sea is flourishing and the best proof of that is another boat order, planned for the Island of St. Martin.

Tips for running a lucrative boat business

Bon Sea shares 3 management tips for growing a successful business with semiSUBMARINEs:

  • Choose your location wisely – avoid choppy sea areas and try to find spots that are rich with marine life
  • Hire helpful staff that are friendly and provide educational information for the passengers
  • Set up protocols and procedures to follow for best results

“This is growing into a very lucrative business, which can earn enough to pay off the investment in just a couple of years. I cannot recommend Mladen and his product highly enough. He is very passionate about his business, definitely doesn’t see you as a number, and is always available for extra guidance and help,” Joel concluded.