In between thousands of fish,

giant clams, and friendly sharks

The Kuramathi Island is a true emerald jewel that sits in the turquoise Maldivian waters, covered with acres of luxuriant vegetation and framed with white sandy beaches. The marine life is equally rich and fascinating, which is why the resort is famous for various diving activities and offerings.

However, while everybody loves to look at the beautiful underwater scenes, not everyone is up for a true snorkeling experience. Kuramathi Maldives resort found a solution that keeps everyone happy by adding a semiSUBMARINE to its list of adventure excursions. Now their guests are able to explore the secrets of the marine life without even dipping a toe in the water!

Pioneering adventure excursion

As a part of the Maldivian tourism company Universal Resorts of Universal Enterprises Private Ltd, Kuramathi Maldives resort was a pioneer in introducing a submarine experience to its guests.

Operated by the island’s water sports center, Aqua Sports & Fun, the semi-submarine takes guests 1.3 meters underwater to the famed dive and snorkeling spot of Madivaru twice a week.

Famous for a vast variety of activities, Kuramathi offers a number of memorable experiences such as marine life excursions (Snorkel Safari, Turtle Reef Snorkel and North Ari), private snorkeling lessons, and cultural trips (Visit to Rasdhoo and Sunset Cruise). The semiSUBMARINE made by Agena Marin found its spot under Kuramathi’s adventure excursions, alongside Big Game Fishing and Island Hopping.

What do the visitors say? Reviews of the resort tell it best:

“Kuramathi is the only resort we visited in the Maldives with a semi-submarine tour, where you sit in the window-enclosed base of a little red boat to float over coral communities and through thousands of colorful fish… There is so much life in the waters around the Rasdhoo Atoll, and it’s so much fun to experience up close amongst thousands of fish, giant clams, sea turtles, and even friendly sharks.”, Tripadvisor reviewer.

Resort’s management is more than pleased with the product as well as the entire service. The boats came to the distant Maldives in a container ship and the professionals from Agena Marin provided a full staff training. In addition, the semiSUBMARINE helps the resort to introduce its interesting eco-initiatives to the guests who want to learn more about sea life, which they can observe first-hand through huge glass windows.