Big Marlin – A business role model

and a top island attraction

Despite the fact that they already own two SemiSUBMARINE Pax 12 boats – that both successfully work from Easter until November – Marlin Tours from the Croatian island of Krk wanted to go big.

As soon as Agena Marin released Pax 12’s “big brother” – the semiSUBMARINE Krk – Pax 55 – tourist agency Marlin Tours was the first buyer of the vessel.
It was named Big Marlin!

Perfect for arriving bus excursion groups and beyond

“We wanted to respond to the growing needs of large tourist groups that are coming to the town of Krk in organized bus excursions, especially in high season. That number of guests simply couldn’t fit into our two smaller boats, so we found Pax 55 to be the perfect fit,” said Marlin Tours owner, Milojka Mršić.

With the two smaller semiSUBMARINES, the staff was already familiar with the technical side of the boat, but they still needed to be introduced to the larger vessel’s features. Unlike Pax 12. which can be operated by a single person, Pax 55 requires two crew members. Of course, Agena Marin provided the necessary training on site and enabled full technical and business support for the customer. Big Marlin was set up for success!

Fast forward 2 years and Big Marlin has grown in popularity and started to serve many other tourists and locals, while positioning this excursion amongst the top island attractions, as rated by Tripadvisor! The vessel started to dominate the local variety of boat tours thanks to its bright red color, size, and spectacular offering that combines underwater and coastline views..

Smart business model

Marlin Tours keeps its guests amazed with a smart business plan and constant innovations in semi-submarine boat tours, such as:

Mini underwater park that simulates the mysteries of the deep and the familiar artefacts from books and movies, such as a wooden treasure chest, sunken cannon, and roman amphoras. There are also stone statues of an octopus and ray fish, and Saint Kvirin (patron of the town of Krk), as well as a showcase of Krk’s native boat type: Pasara.

The Mermaid Show is the newest attraction that is available for passengers of the Big Marlin. During the 45-minute boat tour, guests are surprised with a visit from a colorful mermaid. Of course, children love this feature!

Feeding of the fish to ensure more attractive marine life scenery.

Night rides provide a different view of the aquatic landscape, where strong lights attract shoals of fish and illuminate the seabed.

Wi-Fi hotspot, drinks and souvenirs available for purchase.

“We base the majority of our business on the three semiSUBMARINES Krk, where Big Marlin holds a special position.
Not only does it provide us with a successful business model, but it also enriches the tourist offerings of the entire island,” said Mršić.

Take a look at the Big Marlin video, produced by Marlin Tours.