Building a successful boat business in under a year

that is taking visitors to the Italian Riviera by storm

It’s funny how life-changing opportunities sometimes occur when you least expect them. That’s exactly what happened to an experienced entrepreneur in the yachting management business, Daniel C. Mueck from the Ligurian coast (Italy), while he was enjoying a family vacation in Croatia.

His daughter wanted to try out a unique underwater experience, and soon after Daniel was setting up a business meeting. Fast forward a few months and he steered his entire business towards new boat tour offerings with semiSUBMARINEs!

“When my family tried out the semiSUBMARINE for the first time, we absolutely loved it! Being experienced in the boat business I felt the quality of the vessel the minute I stepped onboard. Only few hours later, I contacted Mladen Peharda and by the end of the year, we signed the first contract,” said Daniel.

The semiSUBMARINE boat business has been a huge success from day one, starting to operate around Easter 2018 under Daniel’s new company name, Nemosub S.R.L. Italy.

Here’s how it all happened:

The wow factors

When the first semiSUBMARINE boat sailed across the Italian Gulf of La Spezia for the first time, hundreds of people and the local press hurried to take photos and videos of this new tourist attraction.

“People were amazed: nobody had ever seen anything like this before. In the first weekend we gave free promo rides and over 1,000 passengers tried out the semiSUMBARINE,” said Daniel.

The red Nemosub boat is easily spotted in harbors along the Liguria coast, where passengers enjoy unforgettable views of Porto Venere, Cinque Terre, and La Spezia. Of course, the experience includes the underwater adventure and discovery of the marine life.


Nemosub and its new boat started to pop up all over Instagram, Facebook, and Tripadvisor, and more and more passengers wanted to experience this 40-minute long combination of underwater adventure and coastline views.
After just a couple of months of working with the boat, Nemo Sub ordered another one!
However, it gets even better than that.



Now, Nemosub is collaborating with large cruise lines whose ships dock in La Spezia, contributing to the company’s rapid growth. New semiSUBMARINE boat orders are now lined up for 2019.

“We saw a great business opportunity with these boats, which is why we are now offering them to interested parties through a type of franchise business model. Besides selling the boats, we make deals where we buy the boat and the partners pay a monthly fee, working in compliance with our set of regulations as well as the Nemosub brand,” Daniel explained.

The business deal enables the franchisees to generate revenue in the first month of the contract, with no capital investment, making this model a very attractive and lucrative business offer.

The semiSUBMARINEs quickly became Daniel’s core business in less than a year,
and with the newly introduced business model, the company is already expanding!

Stay tuned because Nemosub is planning many new projects in collaboration with Agena Marin along Italy’s 7,500-kilometer-long coastline.

An additional 2 Taxi Cat boats

Daniel spotted another business opportunity in the protected Gulf of La Spezia, where its 5 towns don’t have good water connections. He found the solution in Agena Marin’s newest boat, the Taxi Cat.

“The distance between all those locations is 20 kilometers by the road, while by sea they are only 3 kilometers apart. We will turn a 45-minute long ride into an attractive 10-min trip with a beautiful coastline view. There is no parking hassle, it is cheaper, and guests don’t have to worry if they’ve had a glass of wine with a good meal,” said Daniel.