Premiere submarine tours in Poseidon’s kingdom

With a Fast ROI

With its clear blue waters, rich marine life, and spectacular underwater sites – including ancient ship wrecks, reefs and rocks – Greece is a breathtaking diving destination. However, not all tourists are up for a typical snorkeling experience, which is why many of them never get to see the wonders of the Greek underwater world.

Discovering underwater Greece for the first time

Greek water sports company, AA Water Adventures, wanted to offer something new to its tourists, alongside their existing offerings of water skiing, fly board, jet skiing, and other fun activities.

“I was looking for a new water sport attraction when I saw Agena Marin’s semi-submarine at a boat show. It was exactly what I was looking for! With this vessel we could provide the popular diving experience to anyone, without them having to get wet, and that’s something that was not available in Greece before. In addition, we have panoramic views from the deck for our guests to enjoy,” said Dr. Ilias Kaldis, CEO of AA Water Sports.

Soon after, AA Water Sports placed an order for its very first semi-submarine: the first one in all of Greece. The premiere vessel was shipped to the picturesque city of Parga – known as one of the most popular European diving destinations because of its wide range of interesting underwater sites, including caves, wrecks, and sea creatures like moray eels and octopi.

Agena Marin’s full service

Agena Marin’s management ensured not only a top-quality product but also full service to help their customer start their new line of business.

“They were very professional and helpful in terms of creating a business plan and providing technical support. They also trained our staff onsite and provided general guidance on how to run this business successfully,” said Kaldis.

The new offering took Parga’s tourists by storm and is becoming a very popular “thing-to-do”, especially among families with children. Regardless of their age and physical condition, all guests now have the opportunity to see Greece below sea level.

A business that pays off quickly

The semiSUBMARINE tours are run daily and to attract more fish around the vessel, the crew feeds them, which instantly became an attraction of its own. Night excursions are revealing the marine life thanks to powerful underwater lights, while the deck seats ensure memorable views of the coastline by night. The Greek semiSUBMARINE works around the clock!

“The business is doing extremely well, and, with this frequency of tours, we expect to pay off the entire investment in less than two years. Aside from that, the boat is very easy to operate, and is super-economical. Anyone with a good location and reliable staff can build a fantastic business with the semiSUBMARINE,” Kaldis concluded.

The perfect tourist boat for Greece

After Parga, in spring 2018 AA Water Sports introduced the semiSUBMARINE to another popular Greek destination, Porto Rafti, and they are currently exploring several additional locations.

The combination of the two different features of the semiSUBMARINE is just perfect for the Greek coastline, where guests can discover the rich natural and cultural heritage in two different ways: above and below the water surface.