BIG MARLIN: our first sold SemiSubmarine 55 IN KRK

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It is official - our first sold SemiSubmarine 55 is called “Big Marlin”! That is how our loyal customers family Mrsic named it, combining their company name (Marlin Tours) and the fact that this vessel is a “big brother” to our smaller model, semiSubmarine 12.

Couple of days ago we had a handover ceremony on the Croatian Island of Krk, where Big Marlin found its new home. He sailed into the harbor of Krk accompanied by two semiSUBMARINEs 12 PAX, which are also owned by family Mrsic. The horn honked Big Marlin’s way towards the stone waterfront, where his first visitors greeted him and clapped his way into the harbor. What a beautiful site it was!


- Just like four years ago, when we were the first customers that ordered a semiSUBMARINE 12 PAX  from Agena Marin, now we are the first buyers of the larger vessel - said Milojka and Kruno Mrsic, satisfied owners of now three semiSUBMARINES in the Island of Krk.


Despite the fact that they already own two smaller semiSUBMARINEs, that both work very well from Eastern time until Halloween, they needed the “55” as well. The reason is the increased number of organized bus trips that in high season bring larger touristic groups in the city of Krk on a daily basis.

For now, Big Marlin will follow already established routes for his “little brothers,” just outside the Krk harbor, that take 40 minutes in a single trip. But in time, he will have his tour around the neighboring Island of Mali Plavnik, sailing for an hour and a half.


The major of the City of Krk Dario Vasilic, also a guest at the ceremony, was obviously very pleased that it was his town that hosted a successful entrepreneur partnership between Agena Marin and Marlin Tours.

Soon, we were all set to sail off in Big Marlin. As we were departing from the Krk harbor, leaving tiny, white waves behind us, some passengers remained on the deck, enjoying the fresh breeze and panoramic views of the town and the coastline.

 However, the majority wanted to witness the sea-life view, so they accommodated along the cabin seats. The cabin is air-conditioned and has approximately 20 square meters of glass windows. Huge glass “walls”  provide the best possible view of the underwater wonders, and the effect is like sitting in front of a large fish tank.